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Yoga by Nature Podcast

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This podcast is intended to support you in your daily home practice. There are lots of different classes to choose from, most of which are recorded live when I am teaching a group.

You will find Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga classes, Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness and Yoga for Cancer classes.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback, my email is

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Namaste, Morven

Jul 31, 2015

Hi All,

This is a short and sweet breathing practice for you. Abdominal breathing is the simplest but most effective pranayama there is! Find a comfortable place where you can lie down undisturbed - you can always do it sitting up if you're on your commute, that's fine too. 

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Jul 18, 2015

Dear All,

Thanks for listening. I have recorded this class so I can offer you a really mellow, supported practice which will help to open your shoulders, heart area and your hips. We use some props like an extra rolled mat (or blanket will do nicely) for under the spine, a bolster (or cushion), and of course it's always...