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Yoga by Nature Podcast

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This podcast is intended to support you in your daily home practice. There are lots of different classes to choose from, most of which are recorded live when I am teaching a group.

You will find Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga classes, Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness and Yoga for Cancer classes.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback, my email is

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Namaste, Morven

Dec 22, 2023

Hello and happy solstice. 

This is a deeply restful restorative yoga practice for you. 

The breath, our travelling companion for life, can take us into deep states of relaxation and peace. I hope you enjoy this practice 🙏

Blessings of the longest night to you. Here's a poem to guide you into the coming journey...

Dec 17, 2023

This is a yoga nidra that I wrote for the Embodiment Restorative Yoga series. Every Autumn I run a series of workshops which progressively take you on an inner journey and a celebration of rich inner life. This Nidra uses a visualisation of stars to illuminate the inner body. Apparently this year, Wintering is in, so...

Dec 8, 2023

Here's part two. A live class I recorded at my Gentle Yoga class on a Thursday morning. You can come live to this one on Zoom if you like! I wanted to share it because it's focused on joint freedom and the class participants loved it so much I thought you might too. 

The cold can creep into our joints and make movement...

Dec 8, 2023


This is a yoga practice especially for anyone who is feeling the cold 🥶  and who wants to prepare the body for coping with the icy weather. 

We start with warming breath work, then we free the joints, move gently through standing poses, build our bone and muscle mass and do some pelvic floor awareness and...

Aug 4, 2023

Specialised sequences

0 - 1.25 Nausea (part missing due to starting recording late)

1.35 - Digestion

10.45 - Anxiety