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Yoga by Nature Podcast

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This podcast is intended to support you in your daily home practice. There are lots of different classes to choose from, most of which are recorded live when I am teaching a group.

You will find Yoga Nidra, Hatha Yoga classes, Meditation, Yoga and Mindfulness and Yoga for Cancer classes.

Please do get in touch if you have any questions or feedback, my email is

Check out the main website for details of what's coming up in the yoga community

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Namaste, Morven

Dec 3, 2013

Hello and welcome!

This is a Hatha Flow practice - a bit of a departure from the usual classes that I publish. It was recorded at the Monday night Arnos Vale Spielman Centre class in Bristol. It's suitable for Level 1 practitioners but it's a little more dynamic than the usual gentle yoga classes in this series. We flow...

Nov 26, 2013

Welcome to this podcast. 

I am publishing this one without an audio introduction because, alas my beloved Zoom Handy Recorder has shuffled off to a better place in between recording the class and recording the intro. 

This one was recorded at Bristol City Yoga where I teach a Friday evening restorative class from 6.45 -...

Nov 1, 2013

Welcome to this podcast!

This is a Hatha yoga practice suitable for those on the yogaThrive programme and those seeking a gentle-ish practice. You will need 2 blocks and a belt for this one. If you don't have blocks you can use cushions or pillows, just make sure that they are of the same height. 

If you'd like to get...

Oct 13, 2013

This class is roughly 30 mins long and is a class specifically focused on the pelvic floor area. We do breathing practices and physical exercises to help to build the neuromuscular connection to the pelvic floor, and to build strength, suppleness and control. 

You will need your yoga mat and a blanket to stay warm for...

Oct 7, 2013

Hello, this is a little mini podcast for all those who would like to hear a very lovely yoga mantra with a beautiful intention. It is a lovingkindness, or metta bhavana, mantra. I recorded it with my wonderful Level 2 students at the Penny Brohn Centre in Bristol last week. 

You can just listen if you like, or you can...